Classic Cars Restoration



Global experience.

CCR specializes in classic cars restoration. Our offer is unique on the market. We  offer all works at reasonable cost that cannot be found anywhere else with same quality. Another merit of this restoration is that it won't last to infinity. We always estimate day when it will be finished in restoration contract with other conditions of work. Last thing is that every restoration is documented with technical descriptions and pictures. All those unique and wanted things we offer here.

All service work that all our partners can offer is carried out in accordance with high quality standards because in the final analysis, restoration is a matter of trust.
As ever we have an open door policy and welcome you to visit our workshop in Poland to find out more about the CCR philosophy.

Our aim is simple, 'to give our customers the best value, on time and to specification'.
Before we will agree for the job we will ask you to e-mail additional information and possibly pictures of your classic car because it can be helpful to give an idea of price. Estimates are available, but due to the nature of the work. You have to be conscious that we cannot give the precise quotes without the professional expertise of the car in our workshop in Poland. The price can be estimated and it depends on the range of renovation works made on your car and the technical condition of the vehicle.

On base of our pricelist and your restoration request we make an offer then we have to agreed about the contract rules.

After car will appear in our workshop we will inform you about the expertise result. This will describe with details what in our opinion should be done with your car giving figures about estimated cost and time of option suggested by us. Of course you may keep your decision and do exactly what have you been planned. Some additional things to repair may appear during the process, but you will always have last word to approve them or not. And we will simply enlarge range of works or repair exactly what we have been asked for.

During full restoration a lot of missing, broken parts should be replaced. We leave to customer decision on this field. One solution is to use only original parts that came on the car. After that you will receive the car with parts that were on the car before job. Next solution is that customer supplies all the parts he wants to be replaced. Last option is that we order all needed parts after customer agree the cost then we should invoice it to you separately. For all stages of job parts to replace should be easy to define. Mechanics are more complicated. We tried to give many options in mechanics works pricelist section to indicate clear cost. Work required on classic cars is often very time consuming and takes a great deal of patience, care and experience to get right.

We inform you about the progress of restoration work with photographic documentation at regular intervals that we send by e-mail. On that base you will be able to see the progress by yourself and be sure about what is going on with your car. Finished car will contain added all collected pictures on CD with all technical documentation of restoration process.

Due to different requests from customers we provide several levels of restoration. Every car is in different condition, and every restoration request contains different range of expectations. Please read information below before you will decide for restoration in our workshop.
We provide two standards of renovation services:

1. Classic Renovation
You are an owner of classic car and you would like to restore it but you have a limited budget. The most important for you is to have a high quality and professional service. The clue is to see your classic having a second youth. By giving us the trust, you can be sure that our experts will inspect your car properly and then we will start working on your classic, using services like: painting, remove rusts, new interior, broken parts renovation or changes. At the end your car will be a real beauty and what is important with reliable technical condition.

2. Excellent Concours Renovation

No compromise, just excellence!
You bought or you are an owner of a special, really precious Classic Car, maybe you are a Car Collector? The most important for you is a complete nut and bolt restoration of your beauty and you demand the best quality. You would like to have original parts on the car or reproduced with precision using global standards. After Excellence Renovation your classic car will be like a "reborn" in almost the same condition as it was leaving the factory.
You desire to see your car with excellent technical condition and glamorous look. We propose you this exclusive service to enable to participate in classic cars shows, exhibitions and meetings.
"Impossibilities we do straight away
Miracles take a bit longer.."
Our workshop in Poland - CCR is specialized in the preparation of cars for shows and exhibitions.
Technical specifications.
General checks and expertise.
The first step in a restoration project is a trough analysis of your car with a detailed description of its condition and a cost estimate and competent information about the best restoration methods.
To the extent to which this is possible and desired by the customer the vehicle is restored to its original condition. The technical data and performance will correspond to the state of the art and the performance figures at the time the vehicle was produced and every order is individually taken care of by a specialist. We are here to monitor all restoration work of your classic car and you are always welcome in our workshop to see the progress.
CCR inform you about the progress of restoration work at regular intervals. The customer is instantly informed about  any delays in the restoration process, which may result from the procurement or reproduction of parts.
The story begin when car arrive. First moments means for car stressing observation. Without changing anything we try main systems to give an idea about condition. No one can say how many weak points you can find on car for restoration. This is a time to describe every single part. This indicates which parts can be saved, and what we should buy.

Record starts from visible parts completeness and condition. All is written down on special sheet for each car. No mistakes allowed, because on base of this document we plan work and order parts. This task is continued during disassembling and first steps of restoration. Document is stored in digital and paper form.
Every car gets its own folder on database PC. In that folder everyday pictures are stored next to all technical documents of the car. After general check the car gets first document with complete description. Paper form is stored in separate sheet but it is also transferred into digital form on PC. This allows us to be flexible with descriptions. Every activity on the car is registered and marked in those files. Every new part is ordered on base of those files. And finally customer gets full descriptions with everyday pictures as a record of work.


Dismantling means complete separation of parts installed on the car.
With care not to brake or damage old parts everything has to be taken out from the car. There are 2 options - we disassemble the car completely or only externally.
Complete disassembling takes more time and it's used when we want to restore the body completely including floor, engine compartment, etc. In this option for Excellent Concours Renovation we take out everything including interior. Second option for Classic Renovation. when the car needs only small body reparations and external re-spray we disassemble only external chassis parts and windows. This option may be considered only if the car general condition is good and we don't need to change the original color.

Again, each single part is described by sticker on it and goes on shelf that belongs to that car. Imagine that one car means few thousands of parts. Some of them are so small, that loss could be noticed at the finish of restoration and will result late.

And this is moment of beginning of another new activity. If any part should go for restoration, we save it, and work on this part, to have it ready when chassis will be finished. If the part is going to be replace with new one it's time to order it. We don't throw away old parts. When new replacements arrive we replace old parts but we save them in a box. On customer request we may add this box to restored car.

Chassis rebuilt.

Body restoration is a base of all projects, we can call it restoration's heart. Without problems with rust on metal parts restoration would be much easier. We use knowledge and experience of our workers to rebuild the car. As you know, it's totally different than modern car repair.
Body rebuilds start from stripping out old paint filler and rust. There are few techniques. We use sandblasting and mechanical brushing instead of using chemicals. Sandblasting should be done without damaging flat shapes of chassis, so some areas are brushed instead of sandblasting. Almost always after those works new rusted areas appear.

Now is a time to decide what parts we replace with new or fabricated and what we may simply repair by metal patches. That second way we use only if damage is really small. In other case we replace the entire panel with new or reproduced from one metal sheet. For repair or rebuild we use special low-sulfur metal sheets for automotive repair, again due to rust danger.
Every welding is done with care, not to overheat any part of metal. Each one is than grinded enough and straightened by tinning lead if necessary. Straightening of the body shape is needed to make preparation for paint easier and to use less filler on the car.

If we work on the floor, especially when we replace floor panels both with sills, we put attention into chassis geometry. Every part is fitted precisely. This is the only way to provide good restoration. On some cars that were in very bad condition it may be difficult and long job. Final results are proper dimensions and geometry and perfect gaps. Every car should have body fitted into proper gaps size, so this should be done with attention also to future gaskets assembling.

During the body rebuild inner areas with difficult future access are secured from rust by special Unikor-C reacting primer before they become difficult to operate on. It's the best known anti-rust secure for bare metal parts.
On this stage we use different attention and repair techniques than most of workshops. We know every unique possible way to achieve the project.

Body Painting.

Painting is next step. Classic cars restored in our factory are secured with all known anti-rust prevention techniques. Starting from secure on bare metal, all preparation materials are precisely selected. We are specialized in classic painting. The final result will always shine.
For Excellent Concours Restoration we offer: full repaint including under the floor, trunk, engine compartment, inside the cab or external shape re-spray.

Rust prevention is main activity before care of final look. Floor should be secured from possible damages that in future will born rust. On our cars you still be able to see good condition of restored floor under the car. Closed profiles are filled with agent based on wax and special impregnation additives. Also all gaps on chassis are secured by special rubber, same way and places as in factory.

Than to achieve perfect surface without any strange light reflections, we provide difficult and long work on surface using wide range of fillers. Quantity is determined of metal job quality. We improve work on metal to get better shape and use less filler in this stage.
Before paint, a layer of primer goes on the shape. It's responsible of good adhesion between paint and surface of the chassis. Than primer is brushed and polished to give very smooth surface for paint and this is a time to final correction of surfaces which will be impossible after painting.

Each single color scheme is correct with old color database. Paint moment is dependent of technique. We paint acrylic base, metallic or pearl. After all the parts are polished enough to give proper depth of paint.
We use top quality products because then we are sure about constant quality control and technical support on products.
Work on parts.

Some of the parts may be "refreshed" if needed.
Work on parts is a huge process. On every project there are a lot of parts that need repair, refresh or even simply cleaning. If any part is directed to be restored, we work on it. Some of the parts are expensive or rare, so it's better to spend time to restore them if possible.

We start from cleaning all parts from dirt, grease, rust and old paint. Than we provide refreshing paint on suspension, drive, steering and other parts. They need to be cleaned to the metal, secured and painted in original color. With the body also wheels are sandblasted before preparation for refinish.

If project considers some integrated parts replacement for new, we do it now. It's the best way to save time installing them when all the parts are disassembled from other parts and from chassis. Apart from strictly mechanical works we do what is possible on any equipment parts to bring them back to working condition and nice look.

Work on inox parts starts separately. If any stainless steel body trim need new look we do the job if the part is not broken. To fit and finish the bumper or any decorative rims is an important part of any project, which gives final look. We hammer out any dents, than straighten the shape. Than we do strong polishing to a brilliant mirror.
It's a time to check all electric equipment. As the parts are separately, we revise starter, alternator or dynamo and wipers drive. If the car wiring was in bad condition, we prepare system for rewiring implementing new wires and connectors.

We do also fuel tank repairs. It's a difficult job. When disassembling old fuel is removed, now is a time to dispose it of properly. Than with safety technique the tank is divided on two pieces, restored and joined into one piece. Standard security rules are used, same as on the car body.

This complex job determines also other stage, because some parts should be fixed to check fitting on the chassis. So apart fact, that they should be ready before the car will be ready for assembling, some of them should be ready very quick, even during work on metal chassis.

It's huge work level. Starting from engine and gearbox with all cooperating elements it contains general check and maintenance like oil and filters change, regulations. Next step may be remote parts or even engine general rebuild.

On this stage we do many optional things. We may do only maintenance with all standard replacements like oil, filters, sparks, etc. We always use trusted products designed and suggested for exact mechanics.
Next level of mechanics works is thorough check of any elements including engine main components. This means that all revised parts should be disassembled from the car, but guarantee that restored car will prove its condition with mechanics. Standard check include many measures on engine elements like valves clearance, distribution check, compression ratio check and many verbal researches, that can be only done by experienced mechanic.
If something will be not ok, or even will seem not ok we check physically elements inside the engine like shaft pans, cylinders and pistons, distribution components.

If something is not correct, we may replace any part or even rebuild completely any engine.
The same is done to other mechanical systems like gearbox with drive shaft and rear axle, brake and clutch systems, steering system.

We have possibility to get any new part or reproduce it if not possible to buy. We cooperate with many suppliers and manufacturers. Sometimes we even set stock production of some parts. With access to uncommon materials we are able to provide quality mechanical works.

We are able to remake all interior elements in tissue and genuine leather, also using originally used materials. We remade seats, door and side panels, headliner, floor carpets. Also wooden elements renovation and remakes are possible.

We provide interior restorations from carpets to roof headliner.
Most of interior works, specially sewing, we let the external upholstery workshop to do. This is very delicate and a little different work from others during complete restoration.
Renovation of interior starts from definition. Some models have specific materials used on interior originally.
Starting from carpeting, we reproduce complete set for floor using best quality wool carpet. Same material we can use to reproduce set of boot carpeting. The other option is to use original rubber matts, if they existed for such model. Under the carpeting we use original isulating material.
The headliner is always assembled in specific conditions. The car body is heated in 70C degrees to give best result on headliner stretch.

All the restoration done to the seats are not merely to the "covering " side, but actually are extensively directed to the inner parts (foam inside, made equal to ensure durability, rigidity and avoid stressing the leather in certain parts only, while sitting, risking to tense material in some areas only, and inevitabily brake with the time ). Springs inside overhauled, metal frame external restored (scratched & re-sprayed in black ), mechanism checked & greased at the time of putting seats back in.

The door's panels are restored with some plastic protection on the inside, as in origin, to contain humidity coming from inner doors. The material that stands covering the bottom may be left original where in good condition, replaced with period looking one - brand new but almost identical - where necessary.
The seat recovering is only the final work, which is preceded by very long work on internal parts.
The work is perfection. The secret is on machines used and skills of upholsterer. Doesn't matter if the recovering is done with genuine leather or other materials.
Everything this to keep the feeling of completely restored car.
Assembling the parts is a huge process. Apart from preparation of simple parts and refreshing them, we always change a lot of parts into new. We decided also to open every engine and check it's "health" condition, to be sure that final effect cannot be destroyed by wrong mechanical condition diagnosis. We are supplied by all the parts needed to revise or even rebuild an engine. Some we buy original, some we set up production here, determined always of quality.
Important information for clients from non EU countries.
If you are not from EU, restoration is more complex due to customs restrictions. Every repair becomes customs procedure "active refine". This means that we need first authorization for such repair from our customs, organize temporary import permission and pay duty guarantee.

This means that we carry additional costs and time for operation. Estimated cost is 350 euro.
Additionally apart from 50% of repair cost you have to transfer on start cost of duty guarantee. Amount of guarantee is based on value of the car. Of course guarantee money will be numbered as payment for rest of restoration cost, so will simply decrease second payment.


We are able to organize restoration service door-to-door. We may pick up your car and than after job bring it back to your home independently of your country around the world. We can propose you to drive your "new born" car after renovation to your door!


Insurance during the storage of the vehicle under renovation works.
The insurance of the vehicle during its storage at warehouse in the country where renovation is conducted will be at the discretion of the customer.

By the agency of CCR the insurance can be provided for vehicles in the course of renovation, which at that time are stored in a secured warehouse in Poland or other country of destination. The insurance covers risks according to conditions included in contracts of  CCR sp. z o. o. and PZU S.A (JSC). The insurance is valid for one year from arrival of the vehicle to the place of its storage or in case when the renovation takes shorter than the whole year, the period of its duration up to the moment when the vehicle leaves the warehouse.

* Rates are as follow:
1 car insured - 1100 pln (polish złoty)
2 cars insured - 2000 pln (polish złoty)
* All prices of the provided services are net prices and do not contain Value Added Tax (VAT).
For more specific information about this service and its prices please contact our Customer Advisor  in Poland by phone  
+48 516 155 700 or in Norway + 47 41 041 041.